The Game Show

The Game Show

Name something that all writers do every day.

The top answers are on the board:




Read what they have written.



Write some more.

Read some more.



Well, you get the picture.

If you don’t, then you aren’t a writer.

Thanks for reading.



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Wise Men Say

Wise Men Say

A wise  man once told me…

There are no wise men…

Just a bunch of people with opinions…

And someone who will listen to them…

Of course, I could be wrong…

Unless you listening…

Then, I am a genius…



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I’ve found a place

Where I can be free

A special space

To just be me

When all is done

And all is said

That special place

Is in my head




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Do You Remember…


Your parents were the dumbest people on the planet?

Your entire weekend depended on going to the right party with the right girl or boy?

Your entire weekend depended on having enough gas money to get to that right party?

The entire success of that weekend depended on getting home without having your parents find out about the perfect party?

Or the boy/girl you went to that party with?

Or how you got the money to buy the gas that got you to that perfect party?

Weren’t things so hard back then?

Don’t you miss those problems?

Damn, I do!



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Remember the last time you forgot something?

Or forgot the last time you remembered something?

Is there any difference?

Getting old sucks!

But are you ready for the alternative?



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OK, What Have We Learned

OK, What Have We Learned

The hammer has hit the thumb…

Because you chose to drive when you shouldn’t have, the car has been totaled….

The words you can never take back have been said…

You can’t change who you are…

But you can try to manage…?

Can you manage you?

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Dime Store Philosophy

As Seen From My  Eyes


If you are not willing to piss someone off, maybe even a lot of someone’s, for something you believe in….

Then, you never really believed in it….


What are your thoughts?





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Top Stories of the Day

Top Stories of the Day

A few days back I was looking at one of the online newspapers, just filtering through the headlines to decide what article I would read and…there it was.

Incredibly…there it was.

The number three headline to the right of the page. I couldn’t believe it…

There it was!

Naomi Campbell flashes nipples!

There are a lot of reasons why this shouldn’t be a top story.

Wall controversy that has our government paralyzed.

Out of control opiate addiction.

Human rights violations across the world with nations we pretend are our allies.

A meth addiction crisis that is rivaled only by the opiate addiction.

Naomi Campbell flashes nipples!

Why is this news?

Is it fake news?

No, it’s real.

But why?

It’s real because people will look.

Even though there are a thousand ways to go online and look at nipples (so I’ve been told), people will still look.

On web page of what is supposed to be a reputable news organization, this is the news that is being reported to us.

Because we look…

What is wrong with us?









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Success in your life is your definition of it. I am not here to judge that. It’s your life to live.

Here’s a truth I have learned, though.

If you want success, if you want to put yourself ahead of the curve, then there is only one person you have to beat….


If you cannot control yourself, then you control nothing.

Free philosophical observation. Take it for what free is worth.





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A Shout Out To…..

Well, You Know Who You Are

If you stop and think about it long enough…

You forget what you were thinking about.



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