What Are You Afraid Of – A Little Change of Pace

Here’s a little something different from me. I hope you like it.

What  Are You Afraid Of?


I lie curled up in my bed

Against the dark of the night

Tight beneath my covers

I shiver from my fright

And though it hear it, I won’t look

Afraid of what I might find

It scratches at my door

The fear that haunts my mind


Tim Keen



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About timkeen40

When I was seven, I opened one of those little Golden Books (Lassie) and started copying the words down on paper and it set my soul on fire. I have been writing ever since. I don't know where this is going but I invite you along on the journey.
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35 Responses to What Are You Afraid Of – A Little Change of Pace

  1. fiveloaf says:

    nice! tq for coming by my blog..

  2. Jo Bryant says:

    I really liked this.- love these 2 lines.
    It scratches at my door

    The fear that haunts my mind

  3. antisocialbutterflie says:

    Nice. I really like the imagery.

    I hate to mention it because I enjoyed this, but I should point out that the line “And though I hear it, I won’t look” has one too many syllables to maintain the seven/six/seven/six doublet scheme I think you were attempting. If you forgo the “And” part I think this would be perfect.

  4. jennygoth says:

    this is my kind of blog scarey the unknown is what we fear most and what is it scratching at the door GO LOOK tim lol loved it xxjen

  5. I’m no expert on form, so I can’t help you there. But, as a child who WAS visited by a monster, I can relate to the fear and it’s all too real. Nice depiction, Tim, and it’s not always in your mind! Peace, Amy

    • timkeen40 says:

      My whole life has been about not caring about form, just what matters. I had my own nightmares come true when I was a child and, with a lot of help, I managed to survive them. I even got stronger for my struggles. I hope you did as well.

      Thanks for taking the time.


  6. I think we all fear the Unknown… Tim… Nice little poem.. Wishing you a Great Weekend.

  7. ladynimue says:

    fear of mind is most haunting …well said …

    • timkeen40 says:

      Thanks. I am glad you liked it. Poetry is not my strongsuit. It was just something that came to me, one of those little thunderbolts that I have written about in the past on this blog. I don’t question them, I just write them down.


  8. Tammy says:

    I like it Tim. You might want to adjust this line “And though it hear it, I won’t look”. Also, the poet Jessie Carty has a blog where she does a Thursday poemshare. It’s fun and you get a lot of great feedback.

    • timkeen40 says:

      Great advice, Tammy. I know practically nothing of structured poetry. The only experience I have had with poetry is in the songs that I have helped my friend write and, of course, there are no rules when it comes to writing a song. It just has to sound good.

      Thanks, Tim

  9. Becky says:

    I really like this! And, me too on the no rules for poetry thing. 😉

    • timkeen40 says:

      Thanks for the reply. I think when it comes to writing anything fiction there can be no rules. If you add rules then it just becomes a memo. Have you ever been inspired by, danced to or sang along with a memo?

      Glad you stopped by.


  10. Angelia Sims says:

    Chilling piece – so reflective of many fears we turn from. Loved this!

  11. Wild_Bill says:

    I’ve felt this way. Too timid to face fears, too afraid to look away. This short poem has so much resting on so few words. Very, very nice.

  12. jennygoth says:

    hi hope you have a lovely weekend tim xxjen

  13. terri0729 says:

    Okay, you officially gave me the chills with this one 🙂 Great poem and very well written! I enjoyed it a lot. Peace, Terri

  14. Androgoth says:

    Yes I have enjoyed the read on this one my friend
    and I will return and read your most recent offering,
    I am a tad behind with all of my friends, but I will be
    calling back to read further postings that you have
    offered here within your Space…

    This one is a brilliant post Tim…


  15. The Hook says:

    You mean a GREAT change of pace, don’t you? This rocked!

  16. S Basu says:

    I was like that when i was a kid, only if something scratched on my door at that time i would have died out of sheer fright.

    • timkeen40 says:

      I slept upstairs in a house that was not very well built and fifty years old by the time that I moved in to it. Since the foundation sat on pillar blocks instead of concrete, it was constantly settling, shifting. It was constanly creaking and popping. Sometimes I would lay awake in bed at night and the house would settle in such a way that it would sound as if someone were walking up the steps. It was very creepy.


  17. eyelaugh says:

    this is a good one!

  18. Nice work….it scratches at my door the fear that haunts my mind…..fear can be so debilitating.

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