The Day I Decided

Another Thunderbolt (Reference Previous Posts). God gives them to me. I just write them down.  I hope you all enjoy.

The Day I Decided


When, sir, did you start to die?

It was the day I decided not to try.

When, sir, did things become unclear?

It was the day I started to live in fear.

When, sir, did you start to despair?

It was the day I decided not to care.

And when, sir, did you start to cry?

It was the day I decided to die.


Tim Keen

July 8th, 2012



About timkeen40

When I was seven, I opened one of those little Golden Books (Lassie) and started copying the words down on paper and it set my soul on fire. I have been writing ever since. I don't know where this is going but I invite you along on the journey.
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22 Responses to The Day I Decided

  1. An excellent poem… Living in Fear is our downfall…. Sending you a thought or three Sue

  2. timkeen40 says:

    Thanks, Sue. I am glad you liked it.


  3. prenin says:

    Good poem Tim! 🙂

    Thanks for the visit and comment! 🙂

    Yes, the weather world wide seems to have been pushing the limits! 😦

    Hope you get some cooler days soon! 🙂

    God Bless!


  4. belladonna23 says:

    amazing amazing amazing. So glad I stopped by

  5. suemacarthur says:

    Fear is what always pulls us down
    Great poem
    Take care

  6. good2begone says:

    Wow is the best description I can come up with. Honest and moving.

  7. Gattina says:

    I am glad to be a woman ! so I don’t have to cry when I die. Very nice poem though !

  8. hi Tim,
    short novel author,.
    new generations are obliged to make things different.
    I like your poem:
    “When, sir, did you start to despair?
    It was the day I decided not to care…”

  9. Mooselicker says:

    Reminded me of The Day I Tried To Live by Soundgarden. Very nice.

  10. Carrie Rubin says:

    This is fabulous. I really enjoyed it. Says much in a short space.

  11. Androgoth says:

    I have just opened the gates my friend
    and I hope to see you on my Space soon 🙂

    I notice that you have not added anything
    in quite a while, hopefully your inventiveness
    will once again thrive within this Space…

    Have a very good start to your Monday Tim 🙂


    • Androgoth says:

      Actually I thought it said 2011
      on that last posting of yours Tim…
      Hmm… I need to find some specs
      me thinks? 😦 lmao

      Sorry about that ridiculous mishap…


  12. Hi Tim,

    This is an absolute GEM of a poem. Apart from the thoughts, I loved the way you linked the question in the first line to the response in the last.


  13. Jed says:

    What a data of un-ambiguity and preserveness of valuable know-how about unexpected emotions.

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