Top Stories of the Day

Top Stories of the Day

A few days back I was looking at one of the online newspapers, just filtering through the headlines to decide what article I would read and…there it was.

Incredibly…there it was.

The number three headline to the right of the page. I couldn’t believe it…

There it was!

Naomi Campbell flashes nipples!

There are a lot of reasons why this shouldn’t be a top story.

Wall controversy that has our government paralyzed.

Out of control opiate addiction.

Human rights violations across the world with nations we pretend are our allies.

A meth addiction crisis that is rivaled only by the opiate addiction.

Naomi Campbell flashes nipples!

Why is this news?

Is it fake news?

No, it’s real.

But why?

It’s real because people will look.

Even though there are a thousand ways to go online and look at nipples (so I’ve been told), people will still look.

On web page of what is supposed to be a reputable news organization, this is the news that is being reported to us.

Because we look…

What is wrong with us?









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Success in your life is your definition of it. I am not here to judge that. It’s your life to live.

Here’s a truth I have learned, though.

If you want success, if you want to put yourself ahead of the curve, then there is only one person you have to beat….


If you cannot control yourself, then you control nothing.

Free philosophical observation. Take it for what free is worth.





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A Shout Out To…..

Well, You Know Who You Are

If you stop and think about it long enough…

You forget what you were thinking about.



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The Sum

The Sum


We are capable of love

And then we hate

We build

And then we destroy

We make money

And then we spend it

We trick ourselves into thinking we are getting ahead

But for every nickel made, a nickel is spent.

There are those of us who keep trying, striving to make things better for all.

There are those of us who only try to make things worse.







We are born

And we die

The net sum to it all?


Or nothing.




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Our Definition

Our Definition

When we are in bliss, emotional or physical, we assign it a name…


When in torture or pain of the same nautre, it is called something else…


When we are somewhere in between, neither bliss nor torture we call it…

Life on Earth…

For what’s worth

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Your Worth

Your Worth

We were taught at an early age to think of others. To put ourselves behind others. To put our feelings behind others. Don’t worry about ourselves. Just put others ahead of ourselves.

I think there is merit in that line of thinking. We cannot think of only ourselves.

We do have think of ourselves.

Look up to ourselves.

Put ourselves on a pedestal.

We have to be our favorite person.

If we don’t like who we are…

Then we will never like anyone else.


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The Questionnaire

The Questionnaire

   I was sitting in some office the other day filling out one of those check the box forms.

You know the ones.

Married, Single, Young, Old.

One of those that tries to put you in a box by making you check a box.

It was easy enough.

Question: Sex

Answer? Yes

Question: Male / Female.


That’s when it got all confusing, all the politically correct answers, all the…should I do this or that?…Can I go into a women’s restroom if I am dressed as a man? Or a men’s restroom if I’m dressed as a woman?

Can I legally smoke dope in the restroom if I’m dressed as a woman? Or dressed as a man?

Can I legally smoke dope at all?

Well, those last couple of questions weren’t on the questionnaire, but I think you get my point. I am getting old.

What the !#@%# is going on?



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