No Regrets

No Regrets


I hear people nearing the end of life say it.

I have no regrets.

The only way you have no regrets is if you’ve never lived.

Do you regret that moment you challenged Billy Bob to fight? Over a girl? And got the hell beat out you?

Do you regret that time you accepted the dare and ended up with a broken arm?

Do you regret the time you looked at her…and the saw the way she looked at you…and, like the Sirens of the sea, you couldn’t say no?

You were twenty then and full what they call piss and vinegar. Devil may care, but I don’t. Full speed ahead, damn the torpedoes.

You are eighty now, smarter in every way. A long life has taught you all you need to know about living a long life. It’s the only reason you are still alive.

If you were twenty again, would you slow down and be smarter? Would you take that curve a little slower? Would you back away from that little girl with the cute smile, the one who belonged to someone else?

Or would you do it again? Exactly the way you did it?’

The answer to that question is one you can only answer for yourself.

All I know is that I have many regrets, because I have made many mistakes, I haven’t been afraid of making mistakes. I have just gone in full speed ahead. Damn the torpedoes.

After many burned fingers and licked wounds, do I have regrets.

Hell, yes.

I have lived.


About timkeen40

When I was seven, I opened one of those little Golden Books (Lassie) and started copying the words down on paper and it set my soul on fire. I have been writing ever since. I don't know where this is going but I invite you along on the journey.
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3 Responses to No Regrets

  1. I have no regrets, remorse maybe but not regret. Thought provoking

  2. timkeen40 says:

    Thanks for your point of view. I crave it from all.


  3. prenin says:

    My only regret is that my abusive tyrant of a father, a child abusing, homicidal Megalomaniac, didn’t die at my hands.


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